Wypożyczalnia i Sprzedaż Przyczep i Lawet Kamil Laskus

Welcome to Wypożyczalnia i Sprzedaż Przyczep i Lawet Kamil Laskus, a place where professionalism meets a wide range of offerings, providing comprehensive solutions for your transport needs. We take pride in our long-standing presence in the market, specializing in wholesale and retail sales of parts for trailers from renowned brands. Our company is a leader in the industry, characterized not only by high quality but also competitive prices.

Why Choose Us?

Rental from 30 PLN per day

Our trailer and tow truck rental starts at an incredible rate of 30 PLN per day. It's not just a competitive price but also a guarantee of savings for our customers.

Fast and Affordable in Warsaw

We operate with your convenience in mind. With our location in Warsaw, we guarantee not only fast but also economical access to the necessary transport equipment.

Minimal Formalities

With us, complicated procedures become simpler. We ensure that the process of renting or purchasing trailers is quick and free of unnecessary formalities, giving you time for what truly matters.


We specialize in professional rental and sales services of trailers and tow trucks from the Polish manufacturer - RYDWAN. In our assortment, you will find various models of trailers, tailored to different needs. Whether you're looking for a single-axle or double-axle trailer, with a tarpaulin or for the transport of specialized equipment - we have what you need.

All trailers offered by us are brand new, have European homologations, and come with a full 12-month manufacturer's warranty. When you buy from us, you'll receive not only reliable equipment but also expert technical assistance, free license plate installation, and frame.

Service and Accessories

Our company is not just a place for purchasing or renting but also comprehensive support. We have our own trailer service ready to perform all repairs and maintenance. We pay attention to every detail to ensure you enjoy safe and efficient transport.

On-site, you will also find a wide selection of accessories such as additional lighting, ramps, transport straps, and cables. We continuously expand our offerings, now including the rental of roof boxes and bicycle racks to meet even the most demanding expectations.


Wypożyczalnia i Sprzedaż Przyczep i Lawet Kamil Laskus is not just a place where you'll find excellent equipment but also a partner ready to support you on every journey. We hope that our passion for customer service and a wide range of services will convince you to choose our company. We look forward to welcoming you!